Integrated Curriculum 2018-2019

Lakeside provide children with a curriculum that is broad and balanced which leads to high levels of pupil engagement. We aim for our learners to have, a knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, to develop a respect for other cultures and become a responsible citizen. We believe in a creative integrated curriculum which we strive to achieve by developing in our learners the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation.

Year groups plan to have an exciting introduction to each topic to engage children and give purpose to their learning. The topics have been chosen to allow cross curricular links to be developed.

Each year group experience 4-6 topics throughout the year where English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Computing, PHSE (Drug Ed and RSE), Languages, P.E., Art and Design, Design and Technology, Music, and R.E., are integrated into their learning.

The curriculum is enriched with ‘Wow’ days and events throughout the school year, these include Book Week, Art Day, Music day, Science Day and Sports-Health and Fitness Day where learners participate in a variety of activities around the chosen theme for that ‘Wow’ day.

Outdoor learning at Lakeside is an integral part of our integrated curriculum. Through curriculum planning the outdoor education is incorporated. This consists of use of immediate school grounds, Alvaston Park and the local area, all off site educational visits, residential visits and extra-curricular physical activities.

We match the work to the age and ability of our learners so that they all progress at an appropriate speed and are enabled to reach their potential, in line with the new National Curriculum. Records are maintained to ensure both continuity and progression for all. The various teaching techniques or pedagogies used include whole class teaching, integrated group work and individual work as appropriate to the desired learning outcome; addressing the needs of the different learning styles of our learners.

Each subject area has named leader, their role is to monitor the effectiveness of their subject and ensure all learners are progressing, some other staff member in schools are linked to a subject area to support the lead.

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Click on the links below to see each Year Groups overview with details of the learning in all of the different subject areas.


Nursery Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Reception Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Year 1 Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Year 2 Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Year 3 Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Year 4 Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Year 5 Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

                               Year 6 Curriculum Overview – ‘What we are learning about’

Any questions or queries about what is included in the learning please speak to your child’s class teacher.

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