Senior Leadership Team

Joint Acting Headteachers


Senior Leadership Team Responsibilities

Mrs L. Knibbs – Every Child Matters 

Miss J. Baker – Learning & Teaching


Every Child Matters


ECM is at the very heart of what we do and wish to achieve for our learners at LCPS.  Our positive ethos is created through a whole range of aspects.  It may help to remember what this is about by thinking of SHEEP!!


S   safe- well-being and safeguarding is at the centre of our school ethos.


H  healthy- all learners need to understand how they can have a healthy lifestyle.


E  enjoy- all learners have the opportunity to be happy and achieve at LCPS.


E  economic- learners have opportunities to develop life skills and be good citizens.


P  positive- learners learn about rights, responsibilities and impact.


All these elements go to make up the ECM focus at LCPS and I oversee this and report back to Mr E.


Mrs Knibbs— Joint Acting Headteacher


Learning & Teaching


Standards and achievements of learners at LCPS are developed in a variety of ways.  By working closely with our partners from outside school, the Local Authority, we aim to raise the attainment of our learners by:


  • Lesson observations
  • Work scrutiny
  • Monitoring planning and the work of staff
  • Analysing the progress of learners through Pupil Progress Meetings
  • Focused curriculum targets


All staff are involved in this process and it is monitored by the school leadership team.


Miss Baker— Joint Acting Headteacher

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